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The HP IPAQ HW6915

The HP iPAQ hw6915 is also known as HP’s mobile messenger. The simple reason for this is the fact that there is almost no modern feature that you will not find in this device. In terms of its design, HP also did a great job of incorporating a keyboard into the hw6915, which is surprisingly comfortable to use. At first sight, this device looks pretty much like most of the other Pocket PCs available on the market (barring the keyboard, of course). Upon closer inspection, we were very surprised to find not only an integrated GPS receiver, but also a built-in GSM radio, 802.11b Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This, means that with the hw6915 you only have to carry one device with you, as it will replace your Pocket PC, cellphone and GPS receiver. Even though the technical specifications on this device are on par with other high-end Pocket PCs, it’s good to see that HP did not cut corners when it comes to device performance.The Intel PXA27O processor runs at 416MHz, and there is 128MB of system ROM and 46MB of RAM. A feature HP introduced in earlier versions of its Pocket PC range is the flip-up screen protector. Although this is a very handy feature, it can sometimes get in the way. Fortunately, you can view your screen with the protector on.The only thing we could really find fault with was the lack of a car charger and cradle in the bundle. Because this device sports such an array of features the battery life is not spectacular, and being able to use the GPS in your car while it is charging would be the ideal scenario. Still, we feel that this is a great product and you will be hard pressed to find another Pocket PC to equal this one’s performance and feature set.

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